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Summer Menu 2022 - 2023



8am to 12.00pm


Eggs on Toast

Two free range eggs on toasted sourdough.



Duo of Mushrooms

Field and button mushrooms in a creamy caper and garlic sauce on toasted sourdough.



Eggs Benedict

Two free range eggs on herb rosti, baby spinach and hollandaise sauce.


Add smoked salmon or bacon.



Avocado Smash

Avocado on toasted sourdough with crumbled feta, tomato and dukkha dressing.



Courthouse BIG

Two free range eggs on toasted sourdough, field mushrooms, tomato, rosti, bacon and local sausage.




House granola with summer fruits.

Served with your choice of milk;

oat, almond, soy, dairy and probiotic yoghurt




Breakfast Sides

Three rashers of bacon           $6

Local Sausage                            $6

Smoked Salmon                       $8

Haloumi                                   $6

Mushrooms                              $5

Spinach                                    $5

Tomato                                    $5

Rosti                                        $3

Gluten free bread                    $2

Free range egg                        $2

Coconut Yoghurt                     $2


All our sourdough bread is made here on site.

All our eggs are free range.


See our counter display for scones, muffins, croissant and other baking.

Lunch Menu

12.00pm to 2.30pm



Mussel Chowder

With toasted garlic bread



Local Cockles

Steamed and served with a fresh herb and garlic broth with toasted garlic bread.



Pork Belly Bao

Slow roasted pork belly with a steamed bao bun, crunchy Asian ‘slaw and dipping sauce



Market Fish

(see our chalk board for availability)

Pan fried with citrus butter or crumbed in panko & herbs

Served with roquette ‘slaw and potato salad.



Salads + Sides

Side salad - $8                         Salad bowl - $14

Garlic Bread - $4                                 Bread - $2


See our chalk board for daily chefs specials.

Pizza Menu

Saturday 5.30pm - 8pm



Tomato sauce, spinach, salmon, cream cheese, cappers, mozzarella, topped with aioli sauce.



Tomato sauce, onion relish, mushrooms, walnuts, blue cheese, mozzarella.



Tomato sauce, capers, olives, red onion, anchovies, mozzarella.


Hard Labour

Tomato sauce, salami, ham, chicken, mozzarella, topped with bbq sauce.


Not Guilty

Pesto, chilli flakes, spinach, mushrooms, olives, feta, mozzarella.



Tomato sauce, chilli flakes, pepperoni, chorizo, mozzarella.



Pesto sauce, chilli flakes, mushrooms, olives, salami, mozzarella.



Tomato sauce, basil, sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella.


Ankle Biter

Tomato sauce, ham, pineapple, mozzarella (kids pizza).



All additional toppings - $3.00 each


Chefs Salad:     Side - $8.00                Bowl - $14.00              Garlic Pizza - $8.00


Gluten Free Base - $3.00

Drinks List

White Wine                                                                                                                 glass              bottle

Kahurangi Mt Arthur Reserve Chardonnay                14%                                   $13.50             $54.00

Kahurangi Mt Arthur Reserve Riesling                        13%                                   $13.50             $54.00

Kahurangi Sauvignon Blanc                                          12.5%                               $11.00             $45.00

Kahurangi Pinot Rose                                                     13%                                  $12.00             $48.00

Kahurangi Pinot Gris                                                      13.5%                               $12.00             $48.00


Red Wine

Criminal Minds Shiraz                                             14.5%                                       $12.00             $48.00

Criminal Minds Merlot                                            13%                                          $12.00             $48.00



Mussel Inn Pale Whale                                    6%                                                       $8.50

Mussel Inn Captain Cooker                            5%                                                       $8.50

Parrot Dog IPA                                                  5.8%                                                    $8.50

Parrot Dog Hazy IPA                                        5.8%                                                    $8.50

Parrot Dog Lager                                             4.5%                                                    $8.50

Parrot Dog Pilsner                                           5.2%                                                    $8.50

Heineken Light                                                 2.5%                                                    $7.50

Hagen Citrus                                                     2%                                                       $7.50



Mussel Inn Apple Roughy                                5%                                                       $8.50

Mussel Inn Freckle Frog (Feigoa)                    5%                                                       $8.50


See our chalk board for any specials we might have.

Non-alcoholic drinks are available from the fridge and filtered water is available at the water station.

Hot drinks can be ordered at the counter.

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